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Lean Manufacturing

5S, Visual Controls, Visual Office


The 5S process is the stabilizing and organizing basis for Lean Implementation. Within 1 to 3 days companies have been able to install a pilot 5S program in:

  • Production, assembly and fabrication areas

  • Office / administrative areas

  • Information, systems and data flows

  • Distribution, warehousing, logistics and the Supply Chain


What is the main characteristic of the most successful 5S Implementation events?:


Find cost savings from the actual 5S training and deployment activity, WHILE your Team is getting trained and prepared to implement and sustain 5S and Visual Controls company-wide.

What approach has worked best?:


Learning 5S simultaneously while you are implementing it in a team-based environment. Learn a 5S technique, then go install the technique, measure the results, then adjust and repeat.


Next, learn the sustaining techniques for 5S after the initial implementation event. You will eliminate costly wastes in production, office areas, information systems and your Supply Chain while building a foundation of organization and discipline, when done correctly and continuously.

Pick cross-functional team members and assign them to the 5S Implementation Event in a pilot area that has been assessed as having 5S opportunities present.


Learn and install the following 5S disciplines, in this order:

     1.) Sort         
     2.) Straighten                    
     3.) Shine             
     4.) Standardize 
     5.) Sustain             


As with most everything in business: Adult Education Techniques, Awareness and on-going Communication are the keys to implementing and sustaining a comprehensive 5S program. Try to make sure you get the Education part right the first time. The rest will follow.



To self-implement, you could follow the "5S Lean Implementation Manual":


Click on the below picture to purchase the 5S Implementation Manual


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2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Anitech.net, Inc..

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Anitech.net, Inc..




You might also want to get the FREE report: "8 Things You Need to Assess for a Successful 5S Implementation" (click below).


5S Implementation Assessment FREE Report




If you should decide that you'd like some experienced input to assist you in getting your 5S program underway, check out our 5S Implementation Guarantee below. We stand behind our work like no one else in the industry.



5S Implementation



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