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Lean Manufacturing

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)

  • A methodology that allows creative design solutions to be found to optimize products for manufacturing, assembly, total product life cycle, and voice of the customer satisfaction requirements.

  • DFMA should be part of a lean design and manufacturing effort and deployed at the beginning of a product concept stage. Design teams will achieve design improvements while maintaining or exceeding cost reduction targets.

  • Each part design is evaluated for fit, form, function, cost and manufacturability

  • The design of each part is streamlined through reduction strategies until the most efficient design is achieved

  • DFMA then provides accurate cost estimates to make intelligent decisions regarding manufacturing, life cycle, and voice of the customer support decisions

  • DFMA training, software and tools bring clients through these steps in a hands-on, interactive environment

DFMA ensures that your design team will improve designs in the concept stage, accounting for nearly 80% of on-going product cost. The result will be large cost and time savings that would otherwise have been lost, and improved manufacturing efficiency and product quality during the process. Training and deployment should be designed for immediate results with tangible payback.

DFMA training should include:

  • Introduction to DFMA
    Providing a functional understanding of DFMA

  • DFMA for product structure, reduced costs & improved quality

  • Assembly, automation and accessibility issues

  • Concurrent costing analysis

  • Piece, part and tooling cost analysis

  • Performing Machining/Metalworking/Assembly analysis 

  • Software features and functionalities

  • Brainstorming methodology 

  • Types of Redesign analysis (Kaizen costing)

  • Simulation and modeling of DFMA improvements

  • Computer based screens, reports and data procedures

Hands-on workshops work best to achieve and sustain anticipated DFMA results.


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lean manufacturing

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