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Lean Manufacturing

Waste Identification and Elimination (the 7 Wastes)

Here's a quick hitting technique to save money while training your staff in Lean Manufacturing, continuous improvement awareness and Kaizen:


Walk your value stream flow and look for existing wastes in:


    1. Overproduction 
    2. Inventory 
    3. Transportation 
    4. Waiting 
    5. Motion 
    6. Over-processing 
    7. Correction 


Quantify the current conditions and set attainable targets for reduction.


Prioritize to remove wastes based on a "low-cost, high-reward" model.


Try looking for immediate paybacks by accelerating the order to cash cycle.


Train your staff in Lean thinking and conduct a one or two day Kaizen Event to remove the identified wastes.


This event will pay for itself many times over by the waste reductions made during the workshop and the hands-on training your team will experience.


Have a team member from this first event lead the same process in another area of your plant so that you spread the lean thinking throughout your entire facility.


Repeat until your facility is waste-free.


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lean manufacturing

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