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Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing, Self-Assessment Tools 

A comprehensive and repeatable Lean Manufacturing Assessment Package is needed to self-evaluate a site for its "Leanness" prior to and subsequent to Lean Manufacturing deployment.

It should include Lean Manufacturing Assessment Tool Modules to quantify:
   1.   Cultural Awareness  
   2.   5S, Workplace Organization and Visual Management 
   3.   Standardized Work  
   4.   Flexible Operations  
   5.   Continuous Improvement  
   6.   Error Proofing (Poka-Yoke)

   7.   Quick Changeover Capability (S.M.E.D.) 

   8.   Total Productive Maintenance (T.P.M.)

   9.   Material Control (Pull Systems)

 10.   Level Production


The tool should include weighted scoring and analysis with prescriptive solutions to improve specific constraints driving sub-optimal business performance.


We've compiled all the necessary information, tools and techniques in one comprehensive volume for your continued use, for sale on Amazon.com.


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lean manufacturing

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