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Lean Manufacturing

Project Management Services 

  • Critical for Project Success

Project Management improves:

  • Project performance

  • Organizational effectiveness

  • Application of effective principles, concepts, tools and techniques

  • Consistently successful projects

Focal Point for Improvement Efforts:

  • Projects are critical to an organization's success in today's economy

  • Strategic plans to improve organizational effectiveness now include project management training programs and consultation services

What PM Includes:

The full range of activities, from the beginning to the end of a project, are part of Project Management.

Management of multiple projects within programs.

Cross organizational control.


Cost estimating.

Statistical risk management.

Scope and product definition.

Procurement management.

Human resource management and communications.

Keys to Effective Project Management:

Flexible project managers, managers and clients.
Customization of basic PM principles, based on the specific environment.
Continual assessment of current conditions during the project.
Comprehensive, consistent strategy based upon reliable methods and relevant past experience.
Regular adaptation based on timely and current assessments.
Collaboration among all project stakeholders.

Anitech is a leading provider of training products and consulting services in project management. Our PM methodology provides a systematic, process-oriented approach that covers every aspect of project management. Our highly trained staff has extensive experience in all phases of project management critical to the success of your project.


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