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Lean Manufacturing

Setup / Changeover Reduction (SMED) 

SMED (Single minute exchange of dies) / Quick Change over techniques can usually be learned and deployed during a 4 to 5 day Kaizen workshop in a pilot production area.


Many SMED Kaizen teams have:

  • Achieved a 50% setup time reduction during their first workshop!

Your team should be educated in and encouraged to:

  • Minimize downtime due to setups and changeovers

  • Identify & measure the 4 key functions of set-ups

  • Identify and separate internal and external setup steps

  • Implement the 9 Toyota SMED techniques

  • Draw a "Spaghetti diagram" the setup process

  • Video tape the current setup processes

  • Identify losses due to poor setup planning

  • Eliminate losses due to unavailability of critical tools and supplies

This process yields immediate improvements in machine up-time, asset utilization and overall product throughput. 



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lean manufacturing

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