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Lean Manufacturing

Value Stream Mapping


Why do many companies use value stream mapping?:

A lean transformation needs a thorough assessment of the "Current State" situation, a meaningful model for improvement ("Future State") and a plan to get there ("Target State") that is understandable, feasible and affordable.


The Purpose of Value Stream Mapping is to find non-value-adding wastes, identify their root causes and prepare strategic plans for their elimination through planned and focused Kaizen Events.


A complete Value Stream Map with quantified KPIs will quickly provide visibility as well as train company personnel in seeing the interaction and causal effects among departments, suppliers, customers and everything that touches the product throughout your "Value Stream".


Here's a photo of an actual hand-drawn value stream map (that reached around 3 walls of a large conference room):






VSM provides a clear methodology to draw a visual map of your entire "Value Stream" (end-to-end Supplier through Customer product and information flows)


It includes all materials, WIP, processes, information and cash flows


Begins with the order through to receipt of the finished goods at the customer, including warehousing, distribution and all logistics, etc.


Can scale from one production 'cell', up to multiple international facilities.


VSM is an easy way to create graphic 'current state' (how it is) and 'future state' (how it should be) maps of your cost, quality and time-to-market drivers.


Allows for identification of Key Performance Indicator metrics (KPIs) and constraints - at their source.


Provides strategic improvement plans, resource plans, ROIs and timelines


Works in all environments and industries (not just manufacturing). Successful models available for service, retail, hospitality, etc.


The VSM Process should include: 

Training your cross functional VSM Team in value stream mapping while they learn to easily analyze product, process,  information, inventory and logistics flows while they simultaneously identify actual savings that will pay for the process as you go.


additionally, you can migrate to:


Contact us for a demonstration and sample of our computer generated and graphically visualized value stream mapping process.



Also see: Advanced Value Stream Mapping - Visual Business Intelligence






email us at: info@anitech.net



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