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Lean Manufacturing

Take Value Stream Mapping to the Next Level



Our Value Stream Mapping Software is an Advanced Business Intelligence Suite of analytic, Window's XP based tools which are graphic, color coded, wizard driven, easy to use and intuitively understood by all levels of users.


The saying that "A picture is worth a thousand words" is appropriate in this case, as you can very often depict the performance of a thousand or more critical KPIs in one screen shot, across machines, cells, departments, plants, divisions or entire multi-national companies.


This expansive suite of capabilities allows for visual depiction, simulation and what-if testing of current-state, target-state and desired future-states. Most of all, it requires absolutely NO programming on your part. 


Operational users can easily modify and play what-if games in seconds with simple point and clicks within standard software wizards and pull-down menus.


You can save dynamic "movies" of your various value stream mapped scenarios and come back to them, or email them, and/or analyze them, time and again.


The software is dynamic. Once we complete the ETL process for you, it moves with the evolution of your business data without having to go back and re-create maps of your Value Streams periodically.


Your Visualized VSMs can also be developed, shared and updated across the Internet in a secure SOA / SaaS environment if desired, or run on your own internal server.


Value Stream Visualization Software helps quantify and cost-justify lean-kaizen improvement opportunities, modeling multiple KPIs simultaneously in seconds, rather than in days or weeks.


For the first time, in real-time, you can visually see, describe, measure, analyze, assess and understand thousands of atomic data points in seconds, including:

  • KPIs / Metrics

  • Constraints

  • Information flows

  • Enablers

  • Time-critical events

  • Logistical-based events

  • Six sigma / Quality performance

  • Inventory, WIP and resource valuations

  • Supporting department performance

  • Supplier Performance

  • Customer Fulfillment Performance

  • Work order, batch and item level activity

  • "Current", "Future" and "Target" state analysis

  • Kaizen Event deployment planning and impacts

  • Business systems and processes performance

  • IT systems and applications performance

  • IT Infrastructure efficiencies

  • ERP - Oracle, SAP, SQL, Access, etc. interfaces

  • Legacy systems

  • Flat files, Excel, Machine Codes, etc.

  • Manual and paper-based systems

  • Documentation, data and information flows

  • Collaboration tools

  • Inter- and intra-company communications

  • Product Flows

  • Labor / Asset Utilization

  • Supply Chain Performance

  • Your Entire Value Stream

  • and much, much more

Through a simple ETL process that we complete for you, you can then constantly update, evaluate, improve and train from a dynamic tool that moves with your business and Key Metrics evolution.


Dramatic savings in time, cost and quality can be realized by applying Value Stream Mapping Visualization principles to all aspects of your entire company.


Deployment Workshops to customize your VSM software to be able to be able to map and visualize your value stream usually take 2 to 4 days and are done at your facility.


ROI is realized during the workshop in the form of savings opportunities that are  identified, quantified and targeted for improvement.






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